GPS Tracking System

The GPS Tracking system informs parents about the location of their child while in the bus and the approximate time of arrival. Rosary School provides each student with a bus ID card that consists of a chip. Students must scan their ID card every time they enter as well as exit the bus. Those using the bus both ways will have to scan their card 4 times per day. For every scan, parent will receive a notification from the GPS system (in/out) with details of the time and location.

In order to avail this feature to know the location of your child while in the school bus, as well as to communicate with the transport supervisor, parents must install the "EduReportZ" application on their mobile phones for which the Username and Password will be provided by the school. Download this PPT to follow the steps required for "EduReportZ" app installation. Then click this link to download "Edu ReportZ" application on your mobile phone.