Classroom Behaviour

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Assembly programme-Classroom Behaviour

The Assembly Programme was conducted on 9th November 2017 by the students of Grade 2F on classroom behaviour by Teacher Farhana Zaid.

The Objective is to make the students to aware, learn and follow the classroom rules. The following 12 rules were announced by the students and also some students were holding flash cards for the rules.

  1. Maintain discipline in the classroom.
  2. Always bring your stationery to class.
  3. Listen carefully to your teacher.
  4. Enter and leave the classroom quietly.
  5. Don’t walk around the classroom.
  6. Be kind and respectful to everyone.
  7. Participate in all class activities.
  8. Raise your hand to speak.
  9. Stand in a queue and do not push others.
  10. Keep your Classroom clean and tidy.

11.Do not eat in the classroom.

  1. Do not destroy the classroom charts.

With the participation of all the students, the programme was followed with the performance on song for classroom behavior.


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