Healthy Eating Habits

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Assembly Report 2017 - 18

Topic - Healthy Eating Habits

Prepared by - Teachers : Mrs. Sheeja Raju &

                                         Mrs. Kavita Sanwal

Classes:         Students of 2-D and 2-I

Venue - Grade 1&2 playground

Date - 14/11/18

Objective - To provide awareness about healthy eating habits.

The students of Gr. 2-D & 2-I, with the help of their class teachers, put up a class assembly on the theme 'Healthy Eating Habits', dated 14th November 2017. Importance of healthy eating habits is stressed through some colourful pictures and attractive placards. Children took utmost interest in reading out the slogans about healthy eating habits to their friends and through singing and dancing learnt a very important lesson about their well being.

Conclusion - The assembly aimed to teach the audience present about the importance of eating healthy and consequently, living healthy. The students are encouraged  to wash their hands before  and after eating food and to make sure that their lunchboxes contain healthy food items always.


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